Colostrum Expressing Starter Bundle
Colostrum Expressing Starter Bundle

Colostrum Expressing Starter Bundle

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This all-in-one package is purpose built to have your breastfeeding journey off to a flying start! Perfect for the pregnant mama.

The Colostrum Expressing Starter Kit contains:

1 x Antenatal Colostrum Expressing Kit

1 x Insulated Cooler Bag

1 x Boobie Buster capsules


This easy & convenient kit contains everything you need to express and store your liquid gold ready for the arrival of your new little bundle.

Each Kit contains:

1 x Beautiful 1.3L Eco-friendly bamboo freezable storage container with Made to Milk’s signature gold logo design.

1 x 30ml measuring cup with lid

1 x hand expressing technique instruction card with signature gold foil design

5 x 1ml sterile syringe

5 x 3ml sterile syringe

3 x 5ml sterile syringe

2 x 10ml sterile syringe

15 x syringe caps

15 x printed syringe labels


Always discuss with your healthcare provider before you begin to make sure antenatal expression is right for you.


 Looking for a cute bag to pop your colostrum kits, expressed milk or lunch in? We've got the perfect solution! These insulated cooler bags are purpose built for transporting your precious liquid gold. Here's the deets:

- Handy front pocket (I personally think a big block of chocolate belongs in there!)

- Beautiful grey design with light pink handles

- Fully lined & insulated interior to keep things cool

- 22cms tall x 20cms long x 13 cms wide

Please note: our cooler bags now have a gold Made to Milk logo printed on the front. This is new and not currently reflected in our product photos.


These little gold nuggets contain the most concentrated and highest performing galactagogues out there - brewer's yeast & flaxseed!

Perfect for the health-conscious mama or our non-cookie lovers.

Contained inside vegetable gum tablets, these high quality ingredients are sourced here in Australia and are well known for their fabulous impact on breastmilk supply.

Each bottle includes 80 tablets to be taken 2-3 times a day. This will give you approximately 3 WEEKS of milky goodness!