Made to Milk

Breastfeed with confidence.



I'm a first time mum and our breastfeeding journey has been pretty easy, but 6 weeks in I wanted to increase my stock pile and could only express up to 30ml at a time. After trying a couple of brands, I could not look past these Made to Milk cookies, they looked delicious (so I had to buy all three packs!).. and so glad I did because they taste amazing! My milk supply has increased drastically, now expressing over 90ml each time.. now we're ready for dad to take on some of the feeds! ♡

Alice, QLD

These cookies are absolutely amazing! They really work ! Feeding my almost 6 month old bub he and i go through times of hardship that he isnt wanting it or cant get enough out of me . After eating just two cookies by the morning my boobs were so full of milk happy baby happy mumma. They are so addictive i could just eat the whole box in one go ! ♡♡♡ thank you Made to Milk.

Sheridan, QLD

Thankyou! With my first daughter my milk suddenly dried up and I had to start substituting formula from 8 weeks. I was determined to avoid that this time, but started drying up with baby not even 6 weeks old. Luckily I found this page just in time and ordered the packet mixes. After two days I have woken up feeling heavy and full of milk for the first time in over a week. Cannot recommend highly enough!!


Cookies are delish and have been a blessing. My milk supply increased after just two cookies and I'm so relieved. They are delicious and I'm so thankful I ordered. I was going through a stressful time and these cookies came to the rescue. The packaging and everything is just so beautiful too


I ordered a batch of cookies after I read all the FB reviews, thinking it can’t be that bad if so many women wrote such great things about it. And I’m so glad I did! Within 2 days of eating the cookies I noticed both my breasts much fuller and heavier! And my newborn did too! I eat 2 cookies with my morning coffee (I wish - only decaf for me ) and within 2-3 hours my boobs are back in business, especially my left breast which always feel less full than the right. Thanks Talissa for thinking of all of us mamas and bubs!

Nikolina, NSW

Made to Milk cookies are AMAZING!! Not only do they help with supply but they are delicious and incredibly moreish!! Beautifully and individually packaged with a cute little lollipop treat!! If you're still hovering over the buy now option I promise you won't regret buying these babies!!

Jemima, VIC