About Us


Hey Mums!

This isn’t your typical about me. Let’s be frank, no one likes a gloater. But it’s perfectly acceptable for someone to gloat on your behalf. And today, that’s my job.

I’m Cade, proud husband of the brains and beauty behind this whole operation. Let me tell you a little about the REAL Talissa, as seen in the flesh (and not just through a social media filter).

Pre-baby Talissa was remarkable. So well-rounded, kind and a friend to all. She was sassy and cheeky, and on occasion had the ability to breathe fire like the proverbial dragon… (still does). I grew increasingly confident that she would one day make an incredible mother of our children. One thing I will say, however, is that Talissa was always restless.  She hadn’t found her passion. She didn’t have an intrinsic motivator that ‘got her out of bed in the morning’. One, two, three unfinished degrees and a couple unsatisfying jobs later, she found herself up the duff.

May 16, 2016 was the day our little darl Milly was born and we were instantly infatuated. Milly lit a fire in our hearts that we didn’t know was missing. Every squeak, stretch and fart had us hook, line and sinker. Life was bliss… well, I mean, it kind of was… CRACKED NIPPLES ANYONE?! (not mine, I moisturise daily). In the face of adversity, you see what material someone is made of. Talissa had a hell of a time during the early days of breastfeeding. Bleeding nipples, poor milk supply and baby with a tongue-tie were just the tip of the iceberg. Amid all the suffering, however, she persisted. Her goal was to breastfeed, and she was determined to see it out.

Fast forward to modern day Talissa and she has rolled that determination into a need to help others on the same journey. And boy, this chick has got SPUNK. She is bold and ambitious, she’s found her passion. Made to Milk has come along in leaps and bounds since early 2017. And it’s because Talissa works her backside off day and night, and because she loves making a difference in the lives of new mums. You should see her light up every time another amazing success story is shared. She loves mums, she loves babies and she loves cookies, it’s a match made in breastfeeding heaven!

On behalf of the whole family, we thank you for supporting Made to Milk. All five of us are having a blast connecting with you all, and we hope it makes your journey a little easier… and tastier too.


Cade, Talissa, Milly, Banjo & Daisy xo