Balm Me Better! All-Purpose Repair Salve

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Balm Me Better! All-Purpose Repair Salve – 100ml

Zilch nasites. Earth Ingredients Only.

Made with biomey love and natural goodness.

Our Balm Me Better! is an all-purpose repair wonder, healing & protecting skin naturally with super skin foods. Useful for: cracked hands & feet, nappy rash, cracked nipples, chapped lips, dry winter spots, after gardening & gym, itchy & irritated skin, deep moisturiser.

What Ya Gotta Do:

Rub onto afflicted area, a few times a day. In colder months, you may want to keep your balm in a warmer area, for easier application.

Your Skin Food:

Cacao Butter [Organic]

Coconut Oil [Organic]

Tasmanian Olive Oil

Almond Oil [Organic] – Very moisturising oil and easily absorbed by skin.

Tasmanian Raw Beeswax [Organic] – Helps to calm, soothe and soften the skin. Also acts as a surfactant, and forms a protective barrier on the surface of the skin while still allowing the skin to breathe.

Chamomile Extract [Organic]

Rosemary Extract

Elemi Essential Oil [100% pure Therapeutic-grade]

Lavender Essential Oil [100% pure Therapeutic-grade]

Geranium Essential Oil 100% pure Therapeutic-grade]

..And that’s it!   Zilch nasties. Earth ingredients only.


Always remember to patch test. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. If you are pregnant/nursing or have a medical condition, we recommend consulting a medical practitioner prior to the use of any products containing essential oils.

Customer Reviews

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Lovely stuff

I really love this balm. I use it all the time on my newborn’s nappy area, and also on a recurring patch of dermatitis I have on my hand!! Two very different areas but it does a great job on both :)

It spreads easily, smells yummy and I love knowing that it’s all natural. Thank you!