Triple Chocoholic Lactation Cookie

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There's chocolate.....and then there's the Triple Chocoholic Lactation Cookies. Only to be devoured by those with a true chocolate addiction, these babies have a rich, brownie-like taste loaded with Cadbury milk chocolate AND white chocolate chips.

All our lactation cookies include the essential galactagogue ingredients - oats, flaxseed and brewer's yeast. 

Indulge at your own risk! 


1 Box includes 12 cookies


Each cookie is individually sealed for maximum freshness! Made to take with you on the go or to keep by your bedside at night without the threat of being spoiled.



Wheat Flour, Oats, Butter, Cocoa, Sugar, Cadbury White Chocolate Chips, Cadbury Milk Chocolate Chips, Brewer's Yeast, Flaxseed, Egg, Vanilla Extract, Baking Powder.

Customer Reviews

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I’ve bought these in preparation for a baby girl due in a few weeks and had to “try” one! Now I spend 80% of the day convincing myself to SAVE them for when the baby comes! So delicious!!!

Triple the goodness

Best cookies ever..! The only way I’ll ever stop eating them is if you ever stop making them..!

A must have for me

This is by far my favourite cookie flavour, and I’m certainly no chocoholic. The instant boost to my milk supply Is so reassuring to me. I ate these the week leading up to the birth of my son. It helped my milk come in (o n day 2) without pain or discomfort.

The best cookies hands down!!

The flavors, the texture and the size of these cookies are all amazing. Have tried many different brands and have found my favorites by far here. My milk supply is RIDICULOUSLY high now. Bub is sleeping better and can see his little tummy fuller. Thank you, onto my 11th box purchased x


I’ve been so set on breastfeeding. I gave birth on the 22/12/2018 and the first thing I wanted to eat was these cookies to help bring in my milk ASAP! I started with 2 cookies a day and my milk had come in by my 3rd day. I’m now 6 days postpartum and nursing as well as expressing 50mls every 2 hours. These cookies are amazing and they even taste amazing, so hard to resist. Definitely stocking up some more! I’ve now recommended these to all my mamas to be and they’re so excited to try them out! Well worth the $$$$